Iceland 2015: One week in another world – Day 1

I dreamed of going to Iceland for years. I didn’t really know what was there or what to expect but the idea of visiting the farthest place I could imagine and experience the living testament of human endeavour made it a fabled destination for me.

In August 2015 I finally was able to do it.

I rented a small car and set out to drive the 1800 km of the Ring Road that circles the island with some small detours to visit villages and interesting spots. I had never rented a car and couldn’t find an hotel for my third night, which meant I had to camp. I hadn’t built a tent in 25 years. I usually drive less than 500 km per year at home.

I was tested by twisting roads, wind, rain, cold, snow, mountain passes, unnerving descents, gravel roads, missing directions and an impossible language. I came out happy and transformed.

This is the photographic memory of that adventure.

DAY 1. Reykjavík (0km)

The Bay of Smoke (Reykjavík)